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AC Café is owned and operated by the Conde family, and currently located in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais. Arlindo Conde first invested in 160 hectares of coffee in 1974 in the Mogiana Region. AC Café has two farms, Fazenda Santa Rosalia (1994) and Santa Lucia (1998) and it is is equipped with two wet mills to separate micro-lots from larger volume harvests, 12 drum dryers on each farm, and sorting technology. Harvest is done by hand with the younger, more delicate trees, while the older trees are harvested with a Braud 9000L mechanical harvester, ensuring no cherries are left behind to form diseases. Micro-lots are typically dried on African raised beds in the sun and then are moved to the drum dryers.

The Santa Rosalia farm was purchased in 1994 and is currently 2,031 hectares with another 766 hectares of preservation land. It is located in the city of Araxá/MG in the Cerrado area as well. A total of 110 employees work there.

Natural Red Catuai, known as "Notable" at AC Cafe, has a clean, creamy body, fruit and brown sugar flavors that became sweeter as it cooled.

Natural Yellow Catuai, known as "Above", is well balanced, smooth body that has fruit, honey, spice, chocolate and cranberry flavors.

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