Burundi Gitaba

Burundi Gitaba

About 40 farmers living near Musongati grow the cherries for Gitaba, in soil that's rich with minerals. While the area only began cultivating coffee recently (most plants are younger than five years old), Gitaba has won the Cup of Excellence three times.

This washing station is known for the high quality of the water its uses during the fermentation process. After washing, the beans are dried on raised beds for typically no more than 21 days.

This microlot was sourced from JNP Coffee, which supports the education of farmers on optimal planting times, the careful harvesting of cherries, and on special sorting before wet mill processing, during and post drying and again before packing. To broaden the sources of its coffees, JNP is also involved in coffee production as a shareholder in multiple washing stations in the northern Burundi provinces of Kayanza and Ngozi.

Cupping notes: Raspberry, orange, star fruit, chocolate. Sweet brown-sugar finish. Well balanced. (8/24/18)

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