Burundi Mahonda

Burundi Mahonda

Recognized as a Cup of Excellence winner every year since it went into production, and garnering a Presidential Award in 2012, Burundi Mahonda is produced by approximately 40 farmers in the Gitega Province. The premiums afforded by the award have enabled the farmers to utilize many of the industry’s best practices.

At Mahonda's high elevation, cherries take longer to mature, even though flowering happens at the same time as in lower-elevation areas. The additional maturation time leads to the creation of more complex sugars, which add a natural sweetness to the coffee. Fermentation time is also extended from 12 to 14 hours to 16 to 18, due to cooler weather.

This microlot was sourced from JNP Coffee, which supports the education of farmers on optimal planting times, the careful harvesting of cherries, and on special sorting before wet mill processing, both during and post drying. JNP is owned and operated by Jeanine Niyonzima (pictured above) and is involved in coffee production as a shareholder in multiple washing stations in the northern provinces of Kayanza and Ngozi.

Cupping notes: Caramel, black tea, apricot, ruby red grapefruit, cinnamon. Sweet. (8/24/18)

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