Burundi Mpanga Benga

Mpanga Benga is grown in the loamy soil of Benga Hill. Rising 750 meters above sea level and located in the Kayanza region, beans grown on Benga Hill are rich and well balanced with notes of cherry, leather and Meyer lemon rind.

The beans are brought to the Mpanga Washing Station and dry milled. The mill, managed by the Societe General d'Exploitation et d'Exportation du Cafe (SEGEC), processes beans from more than 3,400 farmers. Equipped with 450 drying beds, six-disc McKinnon pulping machines and two pressers, the station is recognized for producing the clean and complex coffee for which Burundi is famous.

SEGEC’s work at Mpanga Washing Station goes beyond milling cherries and aims to improve the sustainability and quality of coffee growing in Burundi. SEGEC offers bonuses to farmers who supply the washing station with quality cherries and provides support to farmers. It is also working with farmers to implement new coffee nurseries and plantations and utilize pesticides and fertilizers to increase yield and quality. Coffees from SEGEC have been rated highly in the Prestige Cup and Cup of Excellence, earning first and third place in 2014.

Cupping notes (4/18/18): Sweet and juicy with notes of lemon, leather and pineapple.

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