InterAmerican Coffee

Colombia Excelso EP Huila

Cupping notes: Bright, winey acidity, creamy body, sweet and nutty with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

The team at SKN, our sister company in Colombia, cupped through hundreds of samples at the San Jose mill in Neiva to build this regional blend. While this is a typical practice during the harvest season, we were delighted to find that the quality of this blend exceeds the norm.

Around Huila, several purchasing agencies meticulously control each purchase to guarantee traceability and quality. Small farms here are planted mostly with Caturra, and processing is very traditional. Producers use hand-cranked de-pulping machines to remove the cherry from the beans and dry the coffee on raised beds to provide good air circulation and even drying.

SKN has 16 agronomists who work with 4,000-plus producers and are increasingly emphasizing cup quality.

Traders’ note: This coffee arrived in May 2018. Cupping notes are from May 9, 2018.

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