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Costa Rica Tarrazú Amapola

Coffee came to Costa Rica in the last decade of the eighteenth century. Over the many years, coffee expanded over the highlands of the Central Valley. The development and trading of coffee deeply influenced the cultural and socioeconomic landscape of the country.  Myriad coffee plant varieties, rich soils, high altitudes, and unique growing regions contribute to a popular and sought-after coffee cup profile. The interplay of these factors has allowed the country to achieve the reputation of producing some of the best coffee in Central America.

Tarrazú is a major coffee growing region in Costa Rica with a strong and well-known coffee culture. It is located south of the Central Valley. The word Tarrazú derives from the ancient Huetar Indian tribe that once inhabited this region. Amapola grows on the steep slopes in the sub regions of Los Frailes and Bustamante. Uninterrupted water flow provided by rivers feeding into the Pacific Ocean  contributes to this excellent coffee. People involved in the growing and milling process are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the rivers and scenic valleys.

Cupping Notes

sharp acidity, hazelnut, nutmeg, smooth body, clean, buttery, caramel, refined flavor, well-balanced.

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