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Costa Rica Tres Rios Aguas Claras

Costa Rica Tres Rios Aguas Claras

Just east of San Jose, the Tres Rios region is nestled upon the magnificent slopes of the mighty Irazu Volcano.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Tres Rios was so withdrawn from the city that many people shied away. Electricity was non-existent and trains only passed once per week bringing provisions to workers. Juan Jose Montealegre Gallegos ignored the doubters and struggled to overcome these inconveniences as he was committed to producing a magnificent coffee at his farm. Since 1875 this farm has been known as Aguas Claras.

In 1924 Montealegre’s oldest son, Rodolfo Montealgre Rohrmoser, took over the farm with the help of his wife Carmen. The legacy has since been passed on to their grandson Don Marcos Quiros who is now the proud producer of this remarkable coffee.

Located at 1200 metres above sea level, Aguas Claras’ extremely fertile soils were enhanced by the great Irazu eruption of 1963. Facing south, the farm has perfect exposure to the sun.

With Rainfall beginning in May, the coffee trees begin blossoming with elegant white flowers that exude an enchanting fragrance. November marks the advent of the dry summer and harvest season.

In the 21st century, urban development has sadly become a threat to the rural area of Tres Rios. Even though this region’s coffee is considered to be of extremely high quality, Tres Rios produces less quantity every year due to modern progression. For this reason, the Montealegre family continues to fight to bring you this superb coffee. Aguas Claras is famous for its refined acidity and balanced cup.

Cup Characteristics

Nicely balanced, sound body, bright acidity, citric, sweet, light choclate and caramel notes

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