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Ethiopia Bebeka Estate Natural Geisha RFA

InterAmerican is proud to present this stunning natural-process Geisha lot from the Bebeka Estate. Cultivated just outside the Gesha village, this highly praised varietal is grown in its original and ideal environment.

Coffee at Bebeka is grown under shade with ample rainfall and rich soil. The coffee is inter-cropped with spices such as black pepper. Bebeka also produces honey, including one honey specifically from coffee blossoms. Several different varietals of Arabica are found on the plantation, among them the indigenous Geisha.  Staple practices of quality--selective hand picking, raised bed drying, hand-sorting--are exercised with extreme care, creating one of the cleanest natural profiles we have come across.


Cup Characteristics

jasmine, strawberry jam, tropical fruit tea, nice balance & structure, fruit punch, vanilla




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