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Guatemala Acatenango Valparaiso

The Acatenango Valley, one of Guatemala’s many distinct growing regions, offers coffees known for their rich mouthfeel and balanced citrus flavor profile. Fueled by the volcanic dust of the active Volcan del Fuego, the soils in this region are constantly renewed with rich minerals.

Finca Valparaiso is owned by Ernesto Perez Lima, the 3rd generation of a traditional coffee producing family. For half a century it has shown the world the superb quality of the Acatenango region and has built a reputation by earning many awards from ANACAFE. Recently this coffee has made it to the best 29 in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence, but in the past it has ranked among the top ten best in the competition.

The farm diversifies its income through cattle growing but coffee represents its core business. The Perez Lima family meticulously selects the ripe cherries to be depulped and then traditionally washes at the farms wet mill. Each batch is cupped after being sun dried at the patio, then stored for 8 to 10 weeks to give the coffee proper rest. When the time to export comes, the coffee is dry milled at Beneficio Concepcion located in Escuintla.

Cup Characteristics

bright acidity, creamy body, pleasant aftertaste

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