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Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel Natural

Finca Santa Isabel is located in the department of Santa Rosa, about 60 km southeast of Guatemala City. The farm has been family owned and operated for four generations by the Keller family since 1899. In 2004, Santa Isabel experienced a widespread disease on their coffee plants. After extensive research, the Keller family decided that the only way to rejuvenate the farm was to implement organic agriculture techniques. The 2007-2008 harvest was the first season the farm went organic.

The highest area of the property is a protected nature reserve where there are many diverse species of plants and animals. Biodiversity and sustainability are key components in the production of Santa Isabel coffee and the preservation of the nature reserve. Each coffee cherry at Santa Isabel is carefully selected, handpicked, and sorted, guaranteeing a consistent and high quality product. They dry their coffee by sun drying it on patios or by machine drying.

Cupping Notes

Chocolatey, sweet vanilla aroma, citric notes, smooth body, floral finish.


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