InterAmerican Coffee

Guatemala SHB EP Tecuamburro

Our Tecuamburro coffee is produced in Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, about 25 miles southeast from Guatemala City.  It is made up of the following coffee farms: Agricola Siboney, Finca Tzultaca, Carlos Mejia, Luis Mejia, Carlos Contreras, Finca Moctezuma, Finca Santa Isabel, Familia Sanches, and Dulce Nombre.

This area has clay volcanic soils, which are full of minerals, and receives between 1,700 and 2,500 mm per year of rainfall.  Since the micro-climate of this coffee tends to be drier between December and April, the majority of the coffee is shade grown. Because these farmers value conserving their natural environment, some of the farms have designated areas of reforestation.

The coffee is milled at Finca Santa Isabel, where the coffee pulp is used to make compost, and the water used in washing is irrigated in newly planted coffee fields.

Many of these farms were severely affected by coffee leaf rust and need to replant significant sections of their farm.  For most, it is a big struggle producing at present market levels.
Cupping Notes
Nice, complex, medium body, sweet aftertaste, bright acidity with notes of baking spice, citrus and caramel.

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