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Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja Gr1 Sapan Minanga TP


Sapan Minanga has long been recognized as one of the premium coffees grown on the island of Sulawesi, demonstrated in its delicate earthiness and rich body. This sub-region of Tana Toraja only produces about 60,000 bags per harvest.

In the highlands of Sulawesi Island of Indonesia, the Toraja region boasts elaborate housing with beautiful carvings, breath-taking landscape with rice paddies stretching out to the slope of high mountain ridges and unique cultural customs that attract many tourists from all around the world. Toraja is situated in a mountainous area lush with plant and wildlife, with iron rich soil and a cool, comfortable climate at about 1,800 masl. It's climate and volcanic rich soil make up a perfect environment for cultivating coffee beans. The development of the Toraja region has historically and politically been influenced by coffee trading since it arrived in the 1850's. Today, coffee remains a highly valued commodity with a majority still grown by independent smallholders on family owned plots, then harvested and processed using traditional techniques.

Cupping Notes
Lemon acidity, clean earthy notes, smoot and sweet body, pine, raspberry and citrus flavors.

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