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Papua New Guinea FTO Purosa

Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry is based upon tens of thousands of small, village coffee gardens. They range in size from twenty trees to six hundred. These family-owned coffee gardens produce over seventy percent of the countries’ annual exportable crop; a crop which has averaged one million bags. The balance of the crop is grown on plantations which are wild by default. Again, of a total of four hundred and sixty-one plantations registered with the Coffee Industry Corporation, all but a dozen of the largest are owned by local, village based business groups or locally-born individuals. Our coffees are grown in the Morobe District.

It is estimated that nearly two million people, or half of the nation’s population, derive a benefit from the coffee industry. In the highlands provinces, commerce and development would never have reached today’s levels without the annual flow of income from this crop, a flow which begins in April, peaks in July/August and then tapers off quickly, so that the highland towns are comparativel y quiet again in the final months of the year. The coffee crop is ‘green gold’ which enriched the country annually to the extent of three to four hundred million kina in overseas earnings. It is Papua New Guinea's most valuable agricultural export and it is an eternally renewable resource.

Cupping Notes

Chocolate, nutty flavor with a slightly fruity finish of cherry undertones and hints of vanilla. Balance and smooth aftertaste.


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