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Rwanda Washing Stations

Rwanda - Coshaco Washing Station 

Nyamasheke District - Kagano Sector - Ninzi Cell

Sitting at 1514 meters, Coshaco Washing Station consists of 300 farmers founded as a cooperative in 2009. David Sanzira, a member of the cooperative took over Coschaco Washing Station in 2014 after financial troubles to operate privately. He has processed 120 tons of cherries in 2014 and grew significantly to 250 tons this year.

Rwanda Coshaco

Vestine Mukangayaboshya, a farmer at the Coshaco washing station is 42
years old and has 5 children. She is especially proud of her daughter in medical school.

Cupping Notes: Complex, cranberry, savory, raisins, berries, citrus, balanced creamy body. 



Rwanda - Gaseke Washing Station 

Nyamasheke District- Kagano Sector- 1483 meters

Rwanda GasekeFidele Ndagijmana was a young trader in Nyamasheke area that saw the potential for specialty, fully washed coffee. He asked the government for a washing station site and has been successful at operating his first year of production processing 170 tons of cherries. He is currently using the off season to expand and imporve his facility as he gets ready for the next years harvest with a 1500kg Penagos machine, new storage place, and additional drying beds. He has also acquired more land near the station to grow.

Christine Uwamugura is a
farmer at the Gaseke washing station. She is 44 years old and has 9 children. She started with
400 trees and planted an additional 200 when her husband died in 2014.

Cupping Notes: Blackberry, baking spices, caramel, balanced. 

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