InterAmerican Coffee

Emiliano Rice

Emiliano spent much of his childhood listening to his Dad's stories about life in the coffee mountains of Nicaragua, helping farmers organize and rise out of poverty.

As a result, he grew up loving coffee culture and dreaming of a career in the coffee industry. Over the past two years, he has spent summers at origin, working with coffee coops in Costa Rica (Coopetarrazu) and Colombia (Cooperative de Caficultores de Aguadas). During that time he led farmer training sessions (in Spanish) that covered sustainable production, Fair Trade standard compliance, safety precautions when handling chemicals, and soil analysis. In addition, he spent three months assisting and training with the coop's cupper. He gained more experience in coffee when he worked with Café Moto, a local roaster in San Diego, CA.

After graduating from San Diego State University with a Degree in Environmental Studies, and a Minor in Spanish, Emiliano decided to apply his Nicaraguan background and his passion for coffee to the green coffee industry. During his free time, Emiliano enjoys the outdoors, baseball, and traveling.

Emiliano has relocated from Houston to our Providence office.

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