InterAmerican Coffee

John A Mason, III

John Mason oversees the Trading Desk, Coffee Purchasing and Cupping & Quality Control activities for the group.

He travels extensively to coffee producing regions, farms, mills and processing plants to seek out and source the best available coffees, including single origin, regional specific, estate-grown, micro lots, auction lots, and all types of premium quality coffees. Born in Brazil and raised in South America, he is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. During his 19 years in the global coffee trade he has worked to build close relationships in major and smaller coffee producing countries throughout the world in Central and South America, Africa, Asian-Pacific, South East Asia, and the Caribbean. His quest for top quality coffees has taken him to key coffee producers such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and others including Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Puerto Rico, Tanzania and Venezuela. In addition to day to day Trading/Futures Desk, Q/C and office administration, John directs the company's buying practices and stringent quality control programs. He regularly travels to meet with growers, producers, processors and sellers to maintain relationships and to understand the ever-changing climate in coffee production. He looks to understand and ensure the quality, integrity and source of the coffees from farm to roaster, and the implementation of the best practices in their nurseries, on their farms and in their processing plants. He oversees Interamerican cupping labs, visually inspecting beans and cupping samples daily to ensure that the coffees reflect the company's stringent quality standards throughout.

Prior to entering the coffee sector in 1994, John worked as a management consultant and regional analyst for the US Southern Command in Panama with Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Previously, he was a paralegal for Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison in NYC and an adjunct professor of Spanish at the University of North Carolina. He earned his BA from Oberlin College and did his graduate work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. John currently lives in the Houston area with his wife and two children.

John has been an active member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Roasters Guild since its inception. Over the years he has been invited to cup and judge at events like Sintercafé coffee competitions in Costa Rica. An avid tennis player, John enjoys whitewater kayaking, hiking and trekking. His favorite adventure was climbing to the top of Angel Falls in Venezuela.

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