InterAmerican Coffee

Scott MacBride

Scott’s enthusiasm to explore, learn and impact the world in a positive way has led him to pursue his passion for the coffee industry. As a trader he works with the team to connect the globe through coffee, providing a link to the amazing coffees that farmers produce in origin and customers.

Scott graduated from UC San Diego where he received a degree in International Studies - Economics and played on the NCAA Soccer team. After college he has worked in specialty coffee as a roaster for a local San Diego company and started his own entrepreneurial venture. His love to travel has taken him to Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Mexico and Indonesia. During his travels, he sought out coffee farms in Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Bali. In Brazil, he had the opportunity to work on a farm during the harvest season. This experience further fueled his fascination for all aspects of coffee from the seed in origin to the moment someone is enjoying a cup somewhere in the world.

When Scott is not pursuing his dream at the office, he can be found surfing, playing soccer, spending time in nature or traveling.

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