Guatemala NE Atitlan


Nueva Esperanza Atitlan comes from a farm in Santiago which is a town on Lake Atitlan. The name of the farm is simply Lago and is owned by Juan Perez. The lake is at 1500m and the farm is at about 1650m. Varieties are a mix of caturra and bourbon. The farm produces around 2 containers. At the Nueva Esperanza mill, this coffee is depulped, dry fermented, and then washed. It was then patio dried for 10 - 18 days.

The Nueva Esperanza Atitlan was processed at the Nueva Esperanza mill in Antigua, operated by TG Lab.

Cup Characteristics
Well balanced, complex acidity, sweet, bright, chocolate, spices, cherry, winey, peach, floral, raisin, current, kumquat, passion-fruit

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