Brazil Amilton Rezende Natural, Forca Cafe Winner

Forca Cafe Championship

On Sitio Santo Antônio, a farm in the community of Café Campinho, coffee is a family affair.

The Peixoto family consists of seven siblings who got their start in coffee as land renters and slowly purchased property and built up their farm. Today, it’s 44 hectares, 18.5 of which are coffee, 12 of which are pasture and 13.5 are dedicated forest land.

The second generation of the family is now also involved in coffee and took an eager interest in understanding the specialty market and increasing the quality of their parents’ coffees. The family works together toward these goals, with each person contributing a specific capability, from handling sales to pest management, quality control and the overseeing of specific lots. Family members are also focused on the post-harvest period and taking steps to ensure the high and lasting quality of the coffee.

Over the years, the family has participated in courses and training sessions and is very dedicated to seeking out and mastering new knowledge—which is evident in the evolution of the property and the quality of coffee.

Going forward, the family also plans to invest in a small roasting facility on their property and to learn more about this aspect of the business.

This winning lot, which placed 11th in the 2019 Força Café Championship, comes from a portion of the family farm that is managed by Amilton Rezende Peixoto,

Cupping notes: Chocolate, hazelnut, cereal

Caption: Robert Peixoto (left), accepts an award on behalf of his brother, Amilton Peixoto, whose coffee earned 11th place in the Fifth Annual Força Café Championship in Brazil.
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