Brazil Daterra Monte Cristo Rainforest Alliance

Brazil Daterra Monte Cristo Rainforest Alliance is a high-quality representative of the famous Cerrado region of Brazil. Cerrado coffee has gained notoriety due to the region’s high altitude and steady climate. Hot days and cool nights are ideal for developing and retaining high sugar content in coffee cherry. This, combined with the unique terrior of the region, bears complex and delicate flavor.

Brazil Daterra Monte Cristo Rainforest Alliance is coffee is naturally processed. Monte Cristo begins drying on the tree and is picked mechanically, as is customary in Brazil. Selective mechanical harvesting allows pickers to target specific areas of trees. This approach combines speed and efficiency with discretion, in essence an ideal and economic picking practice.

The coffee is patio dried, and finally drum dried. This multi-step process creates even and exact moisture content in the final product. Additionally, it prevents issues such as over-fermentation. Furthermore, the coffee is meticulously sorted. First coffee passes through a density sorter. Then it is analyzed electronically with a trichromatic sorter. (A machine that uses full spectrum color sensors to remove any defects or non-uniform beans.) Consequently, the result is a very clean product that delivers a dynamic and consistent cup profile.

Flavor notes: Semi-sweet chocolate, stone fruit, silky body. 


About Daterra Coffee

Daterra Coffee was founded in 1976 after long family ties to coffee. Beginning their official coffee journey on Fazenda Franca in the Mogiana region, the family expanded holdings in the 80s. They now grow coffee in the city of PatrocAnio, on some of the oldest coffee plantations in Brazilian Cerrado region. Their coffee is produced across 216 farms of 5-15 hectares each.

Daterra means “from the earth” and they carried this mission from inception. The PatrocAnio plantations -  Boa Vista and Tabuoes estates – were acquired in poor condition. They worked closely with Sao Paulo State University to revive local flora and fauna, creating their own set of internal Environmental standards.

Daterra was the first Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil, established a sustainable farm model in 2008. In 2015 they were the first climate-friendly farm according to the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Climate Module. Today they also offer UTZ and IBD Organic certifications.

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