Brazil Elieser Carmelito Natural, Forca Cafe Winner

This coffee was the first-place winner in the Naturals category at the Fifth Annual Força Café Championship. 

In 1963, Carmelito Jose dos Santos planted coffees on his farm in Santa Margarida, in Matas de Minas, Minas Gerais. Today, that farm is run by the family’s third generation of coffee growers—Elieser Carmelito, his wife Rosangela, and Rafael Bastos Silva.

Their farm produces coffees that are perfectly representative of what Matas de Minas is known for: a full and creamy body, a citric acidity, a bright sweetness and notes of chocolate, almonds and dried berries.

Rosangela, Elieser and Rafael have participated in Cup of Excellence competitions and earned several awards over the last few years, including first place in Brazil’s Emater MG Coffee Competition and fourth place in the Fourth Annual Forca Café Championship.

The family is so focused on specialty coffee that in 2017 they began roasting coffee, in response to local demand.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, rose, nectarine, strawberry, lime.

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