Brazil Forca Café 2019 Championship Winners

In early 2014, our export sister company Stocker and the coffee nonprofit HRNS do Brasil began considering how they might assist Brazil’s smallholder producers in not only improving their agronomy practices and cup quality but also profitability. The result was the Forca Café Championship — a contest to determine and celebrate the best coffees from Minas Gerais’ smallholder producers, which they paired with an online auction through which buyers around the world could compete for the lots.

On Oct. 21, 2019, an international group of NKG importers, exporters and customers convened on Fazenda da Lagoa to cup the nearly 180 samples submitted to the Sixth Annual Força Café Competition, and on Friday, Oct. 25, 10 winners were announced in the respective categories of Semi-Washed Coffees and Natural Coffees.

Additionally, to benefit and raise up the coffee community of San Antônio do Amparo, the contest was linked to Casa da Criança, a community center that offers crucial youth services and adult classes. Specifically, winners of auction coffees have the option to add a ten-cents-per-pound premium to the sale price, all of which benefits the center.

In early December, the winning coffees became available through auction and InterAmerican purchased the following winning Natural Process lots—all with the added premium for Casa da Criança:

Cleber Thiao dos Reis Silva, 9 bags
Blueberry, stone fruit, watermelon, dark chocolate; juicy and tropical.

Eugenio Rossi F. Souza, 22 bags
Nutella, clove, baking spices; sweet and balanced.

Valdir Batista Borges, 26 bags
Lemonade, black tea, pipe tobacco; sweet, savory, citric.

Eliane Vieira Lemos Ferreira, 9 bags
Cherry, dark chocolate, hazelnut; creamy body.

Regina Fatima Bueno, 9 bags
Strawberry, peach, floral grape; creamy body.

Joaquim Fernandes Peixoto, 18 bags
Caramel, hazelnut, lemon, sweet.


Captions: InterAmerican Head of Trading Gerra Harrigan with (from left to right) winning producers Ivanir Maria Bastos Silva, Rosangela Moura Alves, Joseane Borges da Silva, Regina Fatima Bueno and Eliane Vieira Lemos Ferreira; the judging team in the cupping room and outside it; and the winning women producers, the number of which dramatically increased in number, year over year. 

*All bag quantities are the original amounts; please ask about current availability.

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