Brazil Forca Cafe Winner Henrique F. de Carvalho

*Fourth-place winner of the Natural category in the 2020 Forca Café Championship.

Since 2016, Henrique F. de Carvalho has been a coffee grower in the community of Santa Quitéria, in the municipality of Campanha.

“Coffee is my life and the life of my family,” he says. “My children and I work to always produce quality coffees.” The property's altitude, between 1,200 and 1,300 meters, and the region's climate, encouraged the family's interest in producing quality coffee.

In addition, they have endeavored to participate in training courses, which has helped to encourage improvements in the production process. They are also dedicated to preserving the 12 hectares of native vegetation on their property.

“For us,” says Henrique, “taking care of the environment is essential for the preservation of life.”

Cupping notes: Chocolate, strawberry, plum, tropical, floral; vibrant, juicy acidity, creamy, buttery body.

Total bags: 20

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