Brazil Forca Cafe Winner Nivaldo dos Reis Soares

Nivaldo dos Reis Soares

*Ninth-place winner in the Natural category of the 2020 Forca Café Championship.

Nivaldo dos Reis Soares is a coffee grower from Jacu Community, in the municipality of Lambari. His farm is 9 hectares, 8 of which are designated for coffee production, specifically of the red Catuai variety.

His farm has beautiful views, as it reaches more than 1,300 meters above sea level. He’s proud of this fact, as the altitude contributes to the quality of his coffee.

“I believe that the environmental and the climate are favorable for the coffee production in the region,” he says.

“I have a great altitude, but at the same time, I have a big responsibility to take care of the forest,” he continues. “Post-harvesting practices also contribute greatly to achieving good coffee quality, and I always follow the recommendation of the HRNS technicians.”

Nivaldo has competed in several Força Café Championships. In 2016, his natural-processed coffee won second place.

Cupping notes
: Chocolate, floral, tropical fruits, honey, spice; lively acidity, tea-like body.

Total bags: 14


Caption: Mr. Soares, at right, celebrating a Forca Cafe win in earlier years.  

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