Brazil Forca Cafe Winner Robson de Souza

*Seventh-place winner in the Natural category of the 2020 Forca Café Championship.

Robson Rodrigo Rhodes de Souza is the fourth generation of his family to work the farm that his family has owned since 1974.

On the property, Sítio Beira Rio, Robson lives with his wife and children, as well as his parents and brothers. They began producing high-quality specialty coffee in 2000, through a classification and tasting course, and they're now recognized for producing certified Organic coffees.

“We produce our coffees with sustainability and concern for the environment,” says Robson,  “because the land is our livelihood, and I intend to leave my children a better property than the one I received from my parents. Working with coffees is in my blood, and I do it with great pleasure.”

Cupping notes: Chocolate, peanuts, cherry, herbal; lively acidity, velvety body.

Total bags: 10

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