Brazil Forca Cafe Winner Valdemir Oliveira dos Reis

Coffee producer Valdemir Oliveira dos Reis.

*First-place winner of the Natural category in the 2020 Forca Café Championship.

Valdemir Oliveira dos Reis is a coffee grower from Serrinha in the Campanha community. In 2013 he acquired his 4-hectare farm, 3.3-hectares of which are dedicated to coffee. Since 2014, he has been producing coffees in cooperation with his wife, Wanderléia Yolanda Pimentel dos Reis, who helps him accomplish all the various processes of coffee production.

After he began receiving praise for the coffee they produced and served on their farm, Sítio Vargem Grande, Valdemir decided to invest more in their coffee’s quality.

“Coffee is our means of subsistence,” he says, “and producing good coffee is our priority.”

Cupping notes: Chocolate, mango, tropical, blueberry; sweet, fruity and clean; vibrant, citric acidity; silky, creamy body.

Total bags: 17

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