Brazil Santa Clara Natural FTO

Sitio Santa Clara was started in 1930 by the Basso family, an Italian family who arrived on ships with hopes for a better life. They started planting grapes, a tradition brought from their ancestral land. The son-in-law of Maximiliano Basso, Mr. Ricart Teixeira, bought the farm and planted coffee, running and overseeing its agricultural activities until 1991 when he passed away. His wife, Mrs. Maria Basso Teixeira, began running the property. In 1999, her grandson Paulo Giordani Teixeira, an Agricultural Engineer and Agronomist, started growing organic coffee, uncommon at the time in Brazil. Paulo studied and tested several forms of healthy cultivation such as natural, biodynamic and organic agriculture. He discovered and developed adaptations to achieve what is today a productive organic coffee of very high quality. The project has been so successful that it has motivated some other farms to produce organic coffee and Paulo has started to provide consulting services to their farms.

Sitio Santa Clara is today a global reference and constantly receives visitors from both producing and consuming countries to get to know the work on the economic viability of organic agriculture, with high productivity and great concern for producing gourmet organic coffees, a differential that makes their business thrive year after year.

The farm is a total 112 hectares, 53 of which grow coffee and a six-year average production of 33 bags per hectare. In 2016, they build an 1,800 square-meter covered patio. Upgrades for this year's harvest include 3 new hullers and an efficient, modern wet process to quadruple production.

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