Brazil Oberon Ayabas (Traceable)


Ayabas is a fully traceable version of Brazil Oberon, our customer-favorite regional blend from Brazil's Cerrado region. Like Oberon, Ayabas was created around a flavor profile: a high, citric acidity, creamy body and sweet flavors of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

But uniquely, Ayabas is fully traceable. Our initial offering* comes from three farms: Santa Luzia, Congonhas and Cinco Estrelas, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. With its well-defined seasons (hot, wet summers and pleasantly dry winters), Cerrado Mineiro is globally recognized for its high-quality coffees, and it was first to participate in a new “Designation of Origin” program in Brazil.

All three farms sit between 800 and 1,300 meters, store their lots with accredited cooperatives and include a Guaranteed Origin Quality Seal—which means that every bag of Ayabas green coffee includes a QR code that green buyers or roasters can scan to view the coffee’s complete details, from farm information to the suggested roasting profile.

Fazenda Santa Luzia (1,050 meters, Municipality of Campos Altos)

Producer Gil Cesar de Melo fondly remembers the sounds of the ox carts carrying coffee on his grandfather’s farm. Born and raised on a coffee plantation, Gil didn’t think twice about continuing his family's traditions in coffee. In 1995, he planted his first 6 hectares, and since then he has continued to focus on expanding and investing in quality. Gil credits the characteristic terroir of Cerrado Mineiro and rigorous post-harvest processing for the high quality of his coffee.

Fazenda Congonhas (Municipality of Patrocinio, 950 meters)

Producer Lazaro Ribeiro de Oliveira initially worked in the fuel industry, but with a great side interest coffee cultivation. Eventually, his passion won out, and he turned to the business of coffee with his guiding principle: “Whatever you do, do your best.” Consequently, he put intense care and attention into every decision he made, from seedlings and varieties to management and harvesting.

Today, Gustavo Ribeiro, with the same passion as his father, strives to make a real difference in quality by seeing to every detail in the process. He grew up with coffee and inherited his father’s passion and perfectionism. Proudly, the farm now has certifications from Rainforest Alliance and Certifica Minas.

Fazenda Cinco Estrelas

The third contributing farm, named “Five Stars,” is owned by Ricardo dos Santos Bartholo, is located in the municipality of Patrochinio and sits at 1,095 meters. (More details soon!)


Regarding the name, Ayabas (pronounced EYE-ya-bas) comes from the Yoruba language, which was brought to Brazil by slaves from West Africa. Yoruba speakers practice Orisha, a religion with deep ties to nature and a spirit world. Ayaba means “queen,” and ayabas is an encompassing word for women deities, or goddesses.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, peanut butter, red fruit; bright, creamy and balanced.


*The farms that Ayabas is traceable to will vary with each shipment, since priority is placed on the cup profile. The best and most immediate way to obtain the exact farm details is to scan the QR code on the bags or the certificate that accompanies them. 

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