Brazil Fazendinha Natural Organic

On Fazendinha, producer Ricardo Aguiar says he uses modern methods for planting, fertilizing, harvesting, drying and storing his coffee.

During the harvest, only red, ripe cherries are picked, at their ideal maturation stage, to ensure they’re kept separate from green and overly dry beans. The picking is done both manually and mechanically, and Don Ricardo says he always avoids letting the coffee touch the ground, to protect it from microorganisms.

The farm—which is 90 hectares, 53 hectares of which are planted with coffee—has programmed irrigation, harvest scheduling and follows different drying processes using greenhouses and raised beds, so the best qualities can be encouraged from each coffee.

The farm also has a lab, where cupping and sensorial analysis can be performed and a constant follow-up can be conducted of each crop, step by step, with traceability and a full understanding from the tree to the cup, resulting in the best profile possible.

This Organic Fazendinha was naturally processed and dried on patios.

Cupping notes: Caramel, citrus, milky body, balanced.

Arrival date: Late May 2018

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