Brazil Severo Martins Natural, Forca Cafe Winner

Severo Martins Forca Cafe

This coffee won fourth place in the 2018 Forca Café Championship.

Severo Martins Borges has a long history with coffee. His father, Divino Martins, was a coffee-growing pioneer in the region and passed his deep knowledge and love of coffee on to his sons. By the time Severo was 16, he and his five siblings were managing the family's fields under the guidance of their father.

Today, at the age of 50, Severo and his siblings still manage the family farm (though their father has passed on). He's a passionate student of coffee and likes to invest in good agricultural practices on the farm and earned a Certifica Minas Café certification through Utz, which holds farmers to a set of best practices and procedures and enables them to sell their coffees as 4C Compliant.

He also feels very grateful for the altitude of his property and believes it gives is coffee qualities that put him ahead of competitors in the region. He’s competed twice in the Forca Café championship and has twice been a finalist.

Severo has a 19-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son—to whom he continues to teach the traditions of coffee—as well as a very supportive wife. Most recently, she supported him in his decision to fulfill his dream of returning to school to study to pedagogy (the study of how knowledge is exchanged in an academic environment).

Cupping notes: Honey, nutty, tropical fruits

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