Brazil Sitio Serra do Boi

Sitio Serra do Boi was passed down to third generation farmer Reginaldo da Silva Dias by his father, and grandfather before him. Reginaldo was born in Afonso Claudio city and grew up in his family farm. He learned how to work the farm from his father and grandfather. Sitio Serra do Boi means Oxen hill, it received this name by the older habitants of the region who used to say that the oxen used to go to the top of the hill and then disappear. The farm produces about 135 bags of red and yellow catuai on 5 hectares of land at 1,030m.

The family has always worked in coffee, but it wasn't until 2007 when they began focusing on improving quality by investing in covered patios, coffee peeler, coffee washer machine and silo. Since then, there have been several noticeable improvements in the quality of their coffee.

Cupping Notes: Clean, creamy body with sweet flavors such as caramel, strawberry, pink lemonade, and chocolate

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