Colombia Flor del Huila Rainforest Alliance

Colombia Flor del Huila Rainforest Alliance is the product of a 20 growers from the villages of Alto Fatima, Bajo la Cabana, and La Esperanza in Huila, Colombia. This region is well known for its bright and balanced coffees, and therefore can be a highly competitive market. In order to gain a competitive edge, six growers met in 2013 to discuss planting new varietals. Their project was a success and consequently that group is 20 producers strong today. Partnering with InConexus has allowed them to develop infrastructure to support processing. This relationship has helped enhance production, proliferate good farming practices, and improve cup quality. In 2017 they were thrilled to secure Rainforest Alliance certification.

The community that produces Colombia Flor del Huila ventures to create profitable and sustainable business practices. To this effect, they encourage female coffee growers and the next generation of farmers. By explicitly addressing the needs of these groups they hope to strengthen and maintain the region's coffee legacy.


Colombia Flor del Huila Rainforest Alliance is grown using shade practices at 1600-1900 masl in loamy-clay soil mixed with volcanic ash. The coffee is fermented in tanks for 32 hours, then washed, and finally dried 15-25 days in the sun and on air-flow canopies.


Cupping notes: Bright acidity, high sweetness. Berries, citrus, chocolate, floral.  

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