AGPROCEM (ASOCIACIÓN DE AGRICULTORES Y PRODUCTORES DE CAFÉ ESPECIAL DE MONTALVO) is a producer association comprised of 35 members with an average farm size of 3.5 hectares, located in the Montalvo area of Planadas, south Tolima province. AGRPROCEM began in October 2013 by Edinson Vaquiro and Israel Montes, with the purpose of direct trade, preserving the natural environment and improving the quality of life of their members and their families. The association received their organic and fair trade certifications in 2015, and have invested in a 278 m2 plot with the premiums received. They plan to build a new warehouse and administrative offices. AGPROCEM harvests a blend of Caturra, Castillo, and Typica, which is dry-milled in Ibague at the Picaleña mill.

Organic AGPROCEM cupped nougat, caramel, apricot, cranberry, nut butter, fruity, dark chocolate, berry, sweet citrus, honey

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