Colombia Primavera

Primavera is an estate about 10ha in the Jordan village of Tolima, Colombia in the municipality of Planadas. Carlos Javier Ramirez is the producer, and has been involved in the coffee market for 19 years. Carlos grows Caturra and Colombia varietals, and ensures the best quality by taking care of the whole post-crop process where coffee beans are fermented in tanks for 12 hours and dried in the sun for four days. As a leader in the coffee sector, he is part of the regional committee of coffee growers and he has received some training regarding the crop and benefit processes of the coffee. With his knowledge, Carlos has been able to keep improving the processes in his estate and to off a coffee that is constantly being improved.

Cupping Notes: Savory, buttery body with sparkling acidity and flavors like caramel, tangerine, nougat, chocolate, tea rose and peaches.

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