Colombia Supremo 17/18

Colombia coffee community

Colombia is the second-largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed Arabicas. It's well known for the high quality of its coffees, and about half of its exports come to the United States. Annually, Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags, and internal consumption is about 2 million bags.

There are three primary varieties grown in Colombia, and coffee is referred to by the region it was grown in. This particular type is Supremo; this word is a coffee grading term in Colombia. Supremo beans are slightly larger than Excelso beans and are a screen size of 17 and 18. This type is the largest bean size for Colombian coffee. Supremo and Excelso coffee beans may be harvested from the same tree and are later sorted by size.

Regions and Their Capital Cities

Antioquia, Medellin (18% of total production)

Tolima, Ibague

Caldas, Manizales (29% of total production)

Valle del Cauca, Cali (13% of total production)

Huila, Neiva (5% of total production)

Cauca, Popayan (4% of total production)

Santander, Bucaramanga

Cupping Profile

Fruit notes, chocolate, caramel; medium body, bright acidity, clean finish, balanced and smooth with a nice aftertaste.

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