Costa Rica Juanachute El Cine

In Tarrazú, Juanachute is a farm and mill owned by Luis Anastacio Castro — or, Tacho, as he’s known by friends and family. Nicknames are common in the family, and they inspired the name of the family operation. Juana and Chute were the nicknames of Tacho’s great, great grandparents, who are still remembered fondly by the current generation.

The team at Juanachute has a vast knowledge of several processing methods, and they take pleasure and pride in determining the perfect processing method for each plot on each of their farms.

Juanachute began processing its own cherry in 2012, and today it processes about 300 bags. Its micromill is characterized by the diversity of processes it creates, from washed to anaerobic.

Tacho and his sons enjoy experimenting and testing different processes (it was the idea of his eldest son, Tachillo, to begin processing cherry), and they believe that a micromill creates many advantages for quality production.

El Cine

This microlot, which means “the movie theater,” takes the name of the small farm it comes from. The name is a tribute to Tacho’s father, who 50-plus years ago built the first movie theater in Tarrazú.


Costa Rica Juanachute El Cine was hand picked, floated for separation and then pulped, leaving on 90 percent of the mucilage. It was then dried on raised beds for 10 days and afterward stored in parchment (inside a GrainPro bag) for two months, before going through weight, screen, density and color sorting.

Cupping notes: Strawberry, grapefruit, chocolate, almond; winey, tropical acidity; creamy body.

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