Costa Rica Palmichal Olman Anaerobic

Olman Ureña Salazar is a third-generation farmer in Palmichal, Los Santos, Costa Rica. He has been farming for 25 years on Finca Toñita—which is planted with Caturra at 1,300–1,600 meters and is named in honor of his wife, Maria Nidia Antonia, who’s affectionately called Toñita by her friends and family.

This coffee was milled in San Jose at the Palmichal micromill, which prides itself on determining the ideal process for each farm and harvest, based on brix content, variety, weather and the timing of the harvest.

The cherries in this lot were pulped and stored in sealed plastic barrels, with all the mucilage intact, for 85 to 92 hours. The barrels have a special valve that allows air to flow out but not in, allowing anaerobic fermentation to take place. The coffee was then sun-dried on African beds for 12 days.

Cupping notes: Blueberry, dark chocolate, lime. Juicy, winey acidity, delicate body, cools sweet. (8/2/18)

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