Costa Rica Tarrazu Tirra Honey

This honey-processed lot comes from Coope Tarrazú, in San Marcos, Tarrazú.

The cooperative has more than 53 years of experience and tradition and works with more than 3,000 coffee producers and the 250 mill workers who reside in the surrounding communities in the Tarrazú and Leon Cortes regions. Its main functions, for its members, are to provide milling, marketing and export services.

In 2013, the cooperative's managing body decided to invest in its own farm, Finca Tirra, as a project for producing small specialty lots. The coffees currently being grown and exported from the Tirra farm are honey and natural processed.

In the honey-process coffees, the cherries are pulped and dried on raised African beds, which helps with the tackiness of the mucilage. It allows for more rapid fermentation, which contributes fruity, sugary-sweet flavors to the cup.

Cupping notes: Vanilla, sweet fruit juice, stone fruit, herbal; bright acidity, creamy body.

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