Colombia Huila Des Gigante SWP Decaf

Colombia Huila des Gigante is an Excelso, sourced from over 2,000 coffee growers producing mainly Caturra, Colombia and Tipica varieties and grown at an altitude ranging from 1,300-1,600 meters. Gigante is known as one of the strongest coffee and cocoa production sites of the Department of Huila, located in the central-eastern part of the Huila territory, close to the delta of the Magdalena River, between Cerro Matambo and the Eastern Cordillera.

The Swiss Water Process method for decaffeination is done in small batches and 100% chemical free. SWP uses an internally developed Green Coffee Extract (GCE) to absorb the caffeine from green coffee beans, until the ratio of soluble compounds in the GCE to the compounds in the coffee reach the point of equilibrium. Caffeine and GCE is ran through a carbon filter to refresh the GCE, so that it can be reused to remove more caffeine. SWP monitors time, gauge temperature controls, and check the levels on the GCE flow. The result is 99.9% caffeine-free coffee.

The Excelso beans are from a variety of regions including;
Antioquia - Medellin (18% of total production)
Tolima - Ibague
Caldas - Manizales (29% of total production)
Valle del Cauca - Cali (13% of total production)
Huila - Neiva (5% of total production)
Cauca - Popayan (4% of total production)
Santander – Bucaramanga

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