Colombia El Desarrollo Café de Mujeres

Colombia El Desarrollo Café de Mujeres is an offering from the women producer-members of El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association. The coffee is grown in the municipality of Gigante, in East-Central Huila, between the West Andes and Matambo hill along the Magdalena River. Mineral-rich volcanic soil supports lust forests. Further, many rivers and streams carve the landscape, making the region ideal for agriculture, including coffee, cocoa, tomato, plantain and yuca. Colombia El Desarrollo Café de Mujeres is grown between 1300 and 1900 meters above sea level in soils rich with volcanic ash. The coffee is fully washed, and sun-dried on patios with sheltered by plastic roofs.


El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association

El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association was established in 2003. The Association's goal is to support self-sustainability as well as economic, social and cultural development for its producers. Specifically, El Desarrollo seeks to develop business projects that generate surpluses of high quality, competitive and environmentally sustainable product. In doing so, they work to improve the living conditions of its associates and to support future generations.

In pursuit of their goal, El Desarrollo's services reach 41 villages along the western slopes of the East Andes. These services include technical training and assistance, agricultural provision services including a revolving fund for fertilization, coffee marketing, certification assistance (including Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Organic) and strategic commercial alliances with a range of export companies.

Initially founded by 27 producer partners from the municipality of Gigante Huila, El Desarrollo has grown to more than 220 members who rely on agricultural income to support their families. Of these members, 51 are women, and it is their coffee that constitutes Colombia El Desarrollo Café de Mujeres.







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