Brazil Forca Cafe Winner Savio dos Reis Borges

Coffee producer Savio dos Reis Borges

*Second-place winner of the Natural category in the 2020 Forca Café Championship.

Savio dos Reis Borges began producing coffee in 2012 with the support and help of his wife. After years of effort, they now produce coffees of excellent quality.

Savio’s interest in producing specialty coffees was piqued four years ago, after he made a micro batch of coffee, without quite realizing what the effect would be. "As of that year, I have been working on the harvest and post-harvest process with an interest in seeking improvement in the quality of my coffee," he says.

Sítio Campão Grande, his family’s farm, borders a nature preserve at the top of the hill, where there is a spring of fresh water that Savio is intent on protecting.

"Since the property is not mechanized, we’ve tried to leave some native trees inside the coffee plot, which we believe to be one of the factors in obtaining the quality of the coffee we have achieved today."

For Savio, quality is also directly related to the microclimate of the region.

“With this specialty coffee, we have the opportunity to share with other families this special product that is produced by our family, and we are very pleased to know that the quality is being enjoyed.”

Cupping notes: Chocolate, fruity, pineapple, jasmine; sweet and clean; bright acidity, silky body.

Total bags: 9

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