Guatemala ASPROGUATE Fairtrade Organic

In 2014, an organized group of 100 Organic producers in Coban, Acatenango & Chimaltenango aligned to create ASPROGUATE (Asociación sostentible de productores de Guatemala). Nearby producers later joined the association, and in 2016 they opened central offices in San Martin, Jilotepeque.

With a mission to manage social development among small coffee producers and provide sustainable and differentiated access to international markets, ASPROGUATE educates and empowers its member producers. It is dedicated to producing high-quality coffees with organic practices and offers producer members monthly workshops to augment their existing organic methods. Additionally, it fosters efficient and sustainable agricultural practices by teaching member producers skills such as erosion evaluation and how to use live barriers and shade cover to produce their coffee without damaging the land.

ASPROGUATE's highly trained staff offers technical support and documents traceability to ensure fair prices to every member. They invest in education to help producers better understand new agricultural practices and market technology. The association fosters long-term relationships between producers and buyers in international markets to ensure fair prices, which is essential given 85 percent of producing members rely entirely on agricultural production.

In addition, ASPROGUATE supports gender equality, empowers women and rejects discrimination, slavery, and childhood and adolescent labor. The majority of its producing members are women (55 percent) and 90 percent of its producing members belong to Cakchiquel and Tzutujil ethnicities.

ASPROGUATE also partners with Fuerza de Mujer, a group of 325 women land managers who provide augmented training including financial management, health, nutrition.

Cupping notes:Delicate acidity, chocolate, floral, citrus.

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