Guatemala Atitlán AAPOSA Organic

Guatemala Atitlán AAPOSA Organic is grown in the basin of Lake Atitlán, specifically between the Tolima and San Pedro volcanoes. The Atitlán region is known for its delicate and complex flavor profiles. The microclimate surrounding this majestic lake, plus the high altitude and volcanic soil, yield profiles with a high acidity, delicate florals, and full body. Consequently, the traditional chocolatey profile of Guatemalan coffee is further elevated.

Presently, this region is part of a mountain chain that serves as an important ecological corridor in Guatemala. The habitat provides a protected area where local flora and fauna can freely migrate, feed and reproduce. Additionally, the native forest and abundant shade trees fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, allowing for sustainable and productive agriculture.

About the AAPOSA Association

Guatemala Atitlán AAPOSA Organic is produced by Shejuyu Atitlan Agricultural and Organic Producers Association. The association is comprised of 155 Maya smallholders from the Tzutuhil region around Lake Atitlán. Their coffee represents their intimacy with and stewardship of the land and is grown under the Agroforestal Organic production system. Their coffee is milled at Beneficio Gumedo de Café Valle Skoll.

Ripe cherry passes through an initial phase of quality control during harvest. It is then fermented naturally — in anaerobic process without additional enzymes — for 36 hours. The coffee is washed three times, during which quality separation is conducted using flotation and mucilage is removed manually. Residual water is neutralized using calcium carbonate and deposited in an area with infiltration pits.

Finally, the coffee is dried on concrete patios for an average of eight days, depending on the amount of sun present. Humidity is meticulously controlled for, and traceability records are carefully maintained.

Flavor notes: Tropical fruits, chocolate, caramel, bright acidity, creamy body. 

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