Guatemala Cobán Fátima

Guatemala Coban Fatima

Finca Rosario de Fátima, owned and managed by Joerg Sterkel and his family, produces 500 bags per year. This 64-hectare farm exclusively grows Caturra, which is shaded by Inga trees.

This region is cloudy, rainy and cool all year long, with limestone and clay soil. And Coban's celebrated chipichipi frequently engulfs the region in the fine mist that falls from the dense cloud cover — all of it creating an incredible microclimate that coffee thrives in.

The Sterkel family founded the Camec Corporation, an exporting company that has since merged with TG Lab, a research and development organization that works with farmers across Guatemala to assist in their farming practices and emphasize traceability in the Guatemala coffee supply chain.

TG Lab has created unique programs to engage with farmers and help them add value to their work and continuously improve cup quality. TG Lab also helps farmers to create a detailed blueprint of their coffee production, to identify where their most exceptional coffees are growing, and to develop financial models that give farmers more control over the pricing of their coffees and where they wind up.

This coffee was washed and sun-dried on patios on Finca Rosario de Fátima. (This blog post has a great account of a visit to Rosario de Fátima.)

Cupping notes (7.7.17): Winey acidity, fresh tomato, citrus. Milk chocolate, walnut, pipe tobacco. Pleasant oaky finish. Complex. Recupped 11.7.18: Malt, nougat, nutty, balanced.

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