Guatemala El Santo

Guatemala El Santo comes from smallholder producers in the El Cerrito and Los Verdes regions of Fraijanes. The region takes its name from the “Juanes Friars” who brought coffee to the area over 200 years ago. Traditional varietals of Bourbon, Typica, Catuai and the Guatemalan native Pache Comun are still cultivated there.

Guatemala El Santo is grown between 1,200 and 1,700 masl in sandy loam, comprised of fresh ash from the Pacaya Volcano, as well as silt and clay. Therefore, the nutrient levels of the soil are high. This, combined with altitude and cool temperatures, makes for a delicate and complex cup.

Fraijanes is unique in its close proximity to Guatemala City. However, it faces many of the same challenges as more-remote smallholder communities. Coffees for Guatemala El Santo are collected from 50 smallholder farmers within two cooperatives. (The smallholders represent an average farm size of 5 hectares each.) Café El Santo, or the Saint, presents a supply chain with impeccable traceability. Comprehensive information is available on not only the individual producers, but also details on the day lots making up a given container. This information includes an initial Quality Control check, average brix reading, fermentation time and drying time.

San Victor Wet Mill

Beneficio San Victor is nestled between Los Pinos Lagoon, Cerro Redondo Volcano and Lake Amatitlan in the town of Los Verdes. Family owned by the Molinas since 1990, the mill services Cooperativa El Cerrito, Cooperativa Fraijanes, smallholder farmers and several estates. Its recently updated machinery conserves water, improves efficiency and maintains quality. The mill has become known for producing a wide scope of high-end microlots. These range from double fermentation, honeys and naturals as well as experimental processes.

The wet mill provides direct feedback to producers upon receiving cherry. This drives higher and higher quality coffee over time, as is evident with our Guatemala El Santo.

Cupping notes: Cocoa, caramel, red fruits, cherry, lemon; citric acidity, clean and long aftertaste.

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