Guatemala Fancy Candeleria SHB

Candelaria is a large farm located in the Alotenango area, not far from Antigua. The farm was built at the base of the Volcan de Fuego in fertile volcanic soil, and coffee is grown between 1220 and 1500 meters. Much of the farm is set aside as natural forest. Candelaria was an old farm that was in poor condition when it came under the ownership and management of Luis Pedro Zelaya Sr. The farm is still very traditional in most ways, using a shading of Grevillea and Inga trees, and the typical wet-process fermentation method.

Cupping Notes

Candeleria is a complex cup that is characterized for having a fragrance of toasted nuts, and the sweetness of honey. It carries tones of sweet herbs and citrus acidity, giving it a bittersweet/tangy profile, a full body, and a clean finish.


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