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Distinguished by its piquant, sharp acidity, coffee from the Fraijanes region is known for being one of the most intense in Guatemala. Under the criteria of specific cupping characteristics common to each area, common altitudes, microclimate variations, and major geographical influences, the whole of the Fraijanes region should be divided into four micro-regions that are as follows:

  • Amatitl├ín Composed of the Amatitl├ín Lake Valle and surrounding area. Subject to less precipitation each year than the rest of the region, this area also has a more direct influence from the strong winds of the Lake and the activity from the Pacaya Volcano.
  • Fraijanes The jurisdiction of the Fraijanes County lends its name to the larger region comes from which is a hard terrain situated on a high plateau that is affected by constant winds, heavy rains, and even frost during the cold season in Guatemala.
  • Mataquescuintla Placed right at the border between the New Oriente Region and Fraijanes County, this coffee can be said to have the better part of both. Its flavor is bittersweet complicated by both sweet oranges and milk chocolate.
  • Palencia Located north of Guatemala City, it covers an area that receives just the right amount of rain each year and plenty of sunny days. Its rough terrain draws an ideal amount of moisture that allows slow development in the bean, creating a cup with a complicated blend between wild honey and caramel notes. Chocolate is present through all of its roasting stages, and finishes up with dry fruit flavors.

Profile variations may be one of the greatest assets of the Fraijanes Region, allowing for natural variation in flavor over a consistently high quality of processing.

Cupping Notes

Swiss chocolate, lime-like acidity, big lactic body, toffee









Info/Photo courtesy of Josue Morales

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