Guatemala Antigua Finca El Portal Fancy

Finca El Portal has been producing coffee for over 120 years. Currently the farm is managed by  Coralia Herrera and Mario Calderon Herrera, who are 3rd and 4th generation coffee producers, respectively.  All the coffee is processed at the farm’s mill where it goes through a meticulous traditional wash before being sundried to 10-12% moisture on the patios. Once in dry parchment the coffee is broken into 25 bag lots for storage. After each lot reaches the necessary rest (around 6 weeks), they are offered to InterAmerican Coffee for selection.

Cupping Notes

Dry: floral, chocolate, fruits. Crust: chocolate, fruits. Break: berries, chocolate. Hints of jasmine, slight dry in aftertaste, clean, winy acidity, fruit-chocolate flavors throughout.
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