Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE Organic

huehue-guayabASDECAFE, a Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala, was founded in 2013 by 6 small producer organizations, and currently has 9 organizations, in the Huehuetenango region and part of El Quiche region. In 2014/2015, ASDECAFE received the Organic and Fair Trade certification. Exports increased from 825 quintals to the United States in 2013, to 23,000 quintals to the United States, Canada and France in 2016.

The Association is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, equitable distribution of income generated, transparency in business, a strong commitment to quality and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. The objective to improve quality among producers and bring them to the international market through good agricultural practices and post-harvest processes. ASDECAFE contributes to the local and national economy with employment generation, foreign exchange earnings and fiscal responsibility.

Cupping Notes

Cherry, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, red fruit, chocolate, lemon lime acidity, orange rind, some floral, rich, sweet, clean, good buttery body, well balanced


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