Guatemala San Antonio SHB Organic

Finca San Antonio is one sub-division of the former Finca La Concha. La Concha has been in the Pivaral family for over 100 years and is one of the pioneer farms in the Fraijanes coffee producing area; the farm has been producing coffee since the early 1900s. The valley where San Antonio is located is surrounded by volcanoes, and is situated on  land that is rich in nutrients as a result of the volcanic sediment that has been deposited in the area for thousands of years. This land is also located at an altitude of around 4,000 feet which allows for the coffee to absorb the nutrients from the soil more effectively. These factors, along with the implementation of strict organic practices, have allowed for the plantation to produce a fine SHB organic coffee with a well-balanced acidity, aroma, and body that create a fine, balanced cup.

Finca La Concha was the first organic certified farm in Central America, and has continued to produce organically grown coffee for over 20 years at the San Antonio. The Pivaral family has worked hard to market their coffee to various exporters in Guatemala, consequently the farm has established a name and quality that have become known internationally. Finca San Antonio has been certified by OCIA since 1992. The farming practices are in accordance with an organic handling procedure.

The coffee growing area is under shade and the trees used are from different species. The coffee trees show good physiological development and are very vigorous. This farm only uses organic fertilizers like lombricompost, coffee pulp and other natural procedures to strengthen the development of the coffee crops. The farm also has a weed control plan, based on practices, like shade, good plant density, hand control and good organic coverage. In the plantations around the farm there are different varieties of fauna and flora. The farm is a good location for bird watching and because of the natural forests and organic management these species are well protected.

Cupping Notes

Chocolate, Sweet, Round Body, Herby, Cedar, Bright Acidity, Buttery

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